RanceLab: Simplifying Retail Business Processes with End-to-End ERP Solution

Nilesh Shah, Co-Founder

The retail sector in India is emerging as one of the largest sectors in the economy, contributing to more than 10 percent of the country’s GDP. Retailers have started using various types of technologies and ERP in their businesses in order to maximize their profits and simplify the business processes. They are looking for comprehensive end-to-end solutions that would help them in managing the business processes right from inventory control to managing finances.

Acknowledging theseneeds, Kolkata headquartered RanceLab provides a comprehensive end-to-end ERP solution - FusionERP that not only simplifies the business processes but also helps in making profits sooner and reaching break-even faster. FusionERP comprises POS, Financial Management, Chain store management, CRM and Barcoding and Inventory management.

FusionERP's most important module is the Bar coding and Inventory management system as it helps in keeping the right inventory by putting a check on slow moving and nonmoving stock, resulting in faster and accurate inventory movement and thus increasing the profits. Manual recording of items purchased and sold causes stock mismatch, resulting in unreliable stock report. The barcode integration of FusionERP eliminates errors and speeds up the purchase and sales process.

The financial management module helps in efficient maintenance of financial records, thus eliminating errors and delays resulting from
duplicity of work. It saves the administrative and clerical time up to 60 percent resulting in efficient and productive manpower.

The touch and scan POS of FuERP has a cashier friendly interface that makes faster check out and cash control at the same time records accurate and legible information. The Chain Store Management feature provides the enterprise with wide connectivity across the clients’office. The smart client technology implemented in this system allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Once the connectivity is restored, the data is synched with the head office automatically.

"RanceLab provides a comprehensive end-to-end ERP solution- FusionERP that not only simplifies the business processes but also helps in making profits sooner and reaching break-even faster"

A popular brand across 14 markets in the country and with 68 outlets running on homegrown network was faced by challenges such as integration of large data,stock management due to multilocation and customer satisfaction. It approached RanceLab for a robust system to support their business. Having understood their needs, RanceLab provided FusionERP as a solution. This helped the enterprise in controlling and managing the business processes such as procurement, production, inventory and accounting management from a central point.

RanceLab is a market leader in offering solutions to diversified business verticals such as Retail, Restaurants and Hotels. The company’s motto is to simplify business practices and use technology as a medium to increase operational efficiency and minimize costs. RanceLab has provided solutions to more than 35000 successful installations in over 40 countries with its products such as Fusion Retail, FusionRes to and FusionPMS.

RanceLab is setting up its service and support centers across major cities and is planning to include technologies such as Blockchain and ML to manufacture future ready products to enhance user experience and increase the user engagement.