Peddle Plus: An Ecosystem for Small & Medium Retailers & Mobile Internet users

V.Sriram Iyer, Principal Consultant

We have not yet entered a virtual age so drastic for brick and mortar retail stores to become obsolete.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, it has become an absolute prerogative for a brick and mortar retail store owner to have an online presence.

There exists a disconnection between small and medium retailers of India and India's growing online consumers/smart phone users.

To attain maximum efficiency, it is necessary that the stakeholder carefully evaluates the offline-online relationship and get help to bring out the best of both worlds. Having built the first ever retail technology system based on offline POS system, Delhi based Peddle Plus has been pioneering the Online to Offline(O2O) concept through connecting offline retail stores and warehouses to online and smart phone users of nearby locality.

The offline POS system called Peddle Plus supports a business irrespective of it being operated in a single point of sale or many points of sale across multiple locations. For retailers transacting from a single PC or via a network of retail terminals, Peddle Plus has a vast scope of scalability. It offers flexibility to handle both single and multiple sales channels across the entire retail organization. The platform also helps to improve sales processes, operational efficiencies, reporting accuracy and internal communications, identifying opportunities for cost reduction. With Efficient data entry and specially designed reports with online filters,
Peddle Plus is organized to carry the entire IT responsibilities of a retailer.

In just 18 months of the launch, it has acquired the confidence of more than 500 small and medium retailers.

"Peddle Plus retail application is a unified software that takes care of the end-to-end dilemmas of store operation"

Exclusive O2O and POS Capabilities of Peddle Plus
The Peddle Plus retail application is a unified software that takes care of the end-to-end dilemmas of store operations, right from complete offline store operation with featured rich POS to reaching out to customers online. The store manager or owner is availed with every report from the moment an entry in their inventory is made while the same entry is reflected online on Owner's app. Every purchase update reflects online and offline.
Besides, any walk-in customer can get high quantity of a particular item, which when gets reduced from the offline store; the same quantity gets reduced from the online store in real time. One need not wait for the day to end. The application also has capabilities to detect nearby retailers through geo location. Upon entering into a local market, all the retailers powered by Peddle Plus, will be seen with a grid list or with map viewed geo tags of retailers in their proximity. The moment customer selects a particular retailer the entire application seems as a retailer's own personalized online shopping app to make the purchase from the real time inventory kept in store displayed in the application.
Amidst all these, this online to offline solution provider differentiates itself through its unique approach of not retaining any customer data. The entire data of the retailer’s customers remains in the retailer’s laptop or system, from where the customers can be reached online. Moreover, in scenarios with a retailer having more than one outlet, the application enables buyers to toggle between outlets to make their purchase, thereby empowering the retailers to not lose a single sale.

With such comprehensive set of features to a myriad of complex parameters in retail, Peddle Plus sure is emerging as victor in the market. Having made the retailers’ life easier, Peddle Plus shows promises to take the entire retail community by storm in the near future.