Logic ERP: Transforming POS Operations With Vertical – Specific Software

Gurbir Singh, Managing Director

With their ability to enable retailers to effortlessly manage inventory, track orders, record customer details, boost employee performance and initiate a number of other promotional activities, POS systems have emerged as a critical component for the smooth functioning of businesses in the retail segment. The rapid technological innovations have further contributed to the advancements in the features of POS solutions as a result of which the POS terminal market in India is witnessing a dramatic growth. Substantiating the growth is the research by Grand View Research, Inc. which estimates the global point-of-sale(POS) terminals market to rise to a staggering USD 116.06 billion by 2025. In addition, the onset of the digital era has bought shifts in the demands of the always on consumers who expect nothing less than a top-notch experience, quick response and fast checkout processes. It is for these reasons that adopting a robust POS solution is one of the first steps towards revamping the retail experience in line with the expectations of digital consumers.

The number of players in the POS solutions market is growing tremendously as well, with a wide range of software with multiple functionalities now available to the retailers. However, it must be taken into account that the prime users of POS solutions are the sales staff or cashiers. Consequently, the solution has to be easy-to-use. Again, the retail segment has a number of different business verticals such as apparel,footwear,electronics, supermarts, and more, all of which have different requirements. These are precisely the areas where LOGIC ERP emerges as a dominant player.

Based out of Mohali, Punjab, Logic ERP brings forth unparalleled expertise in delivering user-friendly and integrated ERP Software, Retail and POS Software. The company acknowledges the unique challenges and requirements that retailers often struggle with and hence, provides vertical-specific niche software as opposed to a generic POS solution.

Robust set of Features
Catering to mom and pop stores as well as large retail chains, Logic ERP has developed its POS solution with high scalability and flexibility. Mr.Gurbir Singh, Managing Director, Logic ERP shares that as a result, customers find themselves well equipped with the ability to quickly adapt to and accommodate the changing trends of the present as well as of the future. The features of the application include Mobile POS, Dashboard on Mobile, Alerts & Approval on Mobile App as well as core functionalities, billing and barcode printing configuration tool, along with report configuration ability. Logic ERP’s POS solution also enables users to auto-email reports to a specific person or teams and also get reports in excel, pdf and Dashboard in Mobile App. Retailers are likely to find themselves with a competitive edge while reaching out to the customers with the solutions' advanced features that support both e-mail and SMS communication to consumers automated on or after their transactions.

With the growth in the number of digital channels, adopting an omnichannel strategy that centralizes all sales mediums has emerged as the need of the hour for businesses. Not just for tracking the lifecycle of the end-customers, but it proves beneficial from a strategic standpoint since retail owners can leverage the omnichannel approach to manage products
and orders as well. In line with these evolving trends,Logic ERP has extended to the retailers the same advantage of unified customer and unified inventory. Be it brick & mortar, eCommerce or mobile medium, the company enables retailers to have a unified view of inventory and the customer throughout the value chain. Gurbir Singh also adds that Logic ERP is working closely with their network of partners who bring in the expertise in endless aisles, nearby sales and eCommerce, to better equip the retailers with more tools to enhance their sales while competing with online and global retailers. The POS solution by Logic ERP boasts of loyalty & coupon management features which further add to the capability of the SMS and e-mail tool. Retailers can thus, target customers with personalized communication on special days such as for birthdays and anniversaries with exciting offers. The customer experience can be further enhanced through the initiation of programs for loyalty points and gift voucher redemption which is secured via OTP authorization.

"As consumers get more and more digitally advanced, Logic ERP intends to continue to stay abreast of advancing technologies and form alliances with global players and experts. We aim to leverage artificial intelligence, chatbots and other digital technologies to meet the future requirements of digital consumers"

Developing an e-commerce application from scratch can be a long and tedious process. Keeping this in view, Logic ERP offers e-commerce as a module. The company observed that perceiving the benefits here, more and more retailers are choosing to avail the service online rather than opting for any third-party services. Existing e-commerce ventures looking to diversify into retail can leverage the application’s APIs for the integration.

Reaching out to Retailers in Cities and Remote Locations
Driven by a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals, Logic ERP has managed to successfully deliver solutions to both small and large retailers spread across the country. Touching upon the company’s strategy, Gurbir Singh explains,“Both teams, the Logic direct sales and channel sales team, have been putting maximum efforts to increase their target base. The channel partners are also now getting a better and scalable application to fulfill the requirement of retailers. The Logic ERP team is ensuring the same solutions should be made available to retailers across India, in all cities and remote locations through the partner networks.”

Assistance During and Post Implementation
With an experience spanning over two decades in the industry, Logic ERP today stands as one of the leading solution providers, addressing an array of business challenges through its operational facility, branch offices, and associated partners spread across every major city in India. The team at Logic ERP constantly assists the retailers throughout the implementation and after implementation while ensuring that the client successfully optimizes the solution. The company is further strengthened by its state-of-the-art R&D Centre situated in Mohali, which is dedicated to the exploration of potential leads and improvement of existing products to enrich the software experience, making it all the more intuitive for the daily retail operations. Logic ERP has also recently made advancements in mobile technology with its comprehensive suite of mobility solutions for Dashboard, Approvals, Alerts, and Mobile Reporting.

With every project, Logic ERP aims to build lasting relations and grow along with the growth of its clients. Envisaging the future roadmap of the company, Gurbir Singh says, “As consumers get more and more digitally advanced, Logic ERP intends to continue to stay abreast of advancing technologies and form alliances with global players and experts. We aim to leverage Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and other digital technologies to meet the future requirements of digital consumers.”