Peddle Plus - Reconciling all Operations under Single POS Retail Management System

CIO Vendor Staying unique in business makes it common for the market to remain volatile. When it comes to Indian context, none of the ‘off-the-shelf’ systems meet requirements. Numerous departments make it difficult to unify every type of operation under a single platform. POS is the answer to reconcile all operations with total compatibility, smooth operations and low cost in retail and other sectors. A true Omni-channel platform connecting in-stores, warehouse, mobiles and e-commerce, New Delhi based company – Peddle Plus, supports and helps to improve sales processes and operational efficiencies of all businesses. The company provides efficient data entry and specially designed reports with on-line filters suiting any retail needs. Peddle Plus’ retail management system provides support to any business type operating under a single point of sale or many point of sale across multiple locations. In terms of scalability, the products of the company provides multi-user, multi-counter and multi-store.

With its one stop solution the company offers solution which is compatible with all types of return formats-GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3B. The reverse charge mechanism and composition scheme mechanism of Peddle Plus makes it convenient for the businesses to integrate SMEs monthly GST input Tax Credit into the existing billing software. Moreover, the company focuses in offering ‘one stop all’ experience for every operation under a single POS Retail Management System.

Integrating multi-functional apps
Peddle Plus provides the option to integrate three apps i.e. iOS app, Android app and mobile view web app. These apps can be used by the customers as in-store app and as online shopping apps too.
All these apps are integrated with all the POS stations irrespective of all the branches with real time syncing. Retailer don't have the need to use multiple platform or software for doing billing, back-end, online shopping and in-store app. The software syncs all operations in real time. Being standardized Software the POS software is structured to cater seamlessly while setting up the installation instantly. The user needs to pay just once in lifetime, without an annual renewal fees at all.

Peddle Plus have amalgamated all the features in one Software, i.e. Sales through an easy & user-friendly POS system, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Accounts, Supplier Barcode acceptability, Barcode Generator, Admin Panel to control remote stores, User Management, and Permission Management at different layers through excel in major modules. The company has a very simple user-friendly retail solution which takes care of the interest of a complete retail segment.

Peddle Plus focuses in offering ‘one stop all’ experience for every operation under a single POS Retail Management System

A long-lasting adaptable system
Peddle Plus proffers long-lasting systems that are based on proven standards while keeping the adaptability factor intact for all platforms. The automated feature of the solutions provided by the company strives to restrict manual error and data duplication thereby reducing data redundancy. People plus POS enables improved market responsiveness with its access to real-time market information and tools to create total compatibility and smooth operations environment.