Digital Bricks - Assisting to Manage Multi-Unit and Franchise Business with Ease

CIO Vendor The evolution of mobile technologies has empowered retailers to obtain visibility across all engagement channels. This is on the same timeline when the advancement in integration of unified commerce and mPOS systems has been leading to the digitization of brick and mortar.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Digital Bricks is an omni-channel player for brand owners and brick and mortar retailers. The company helps such retailers to integrate business from the back office to greeting customers via plug and play solutions. The organization primarily focuses on brick and mortar chain businesses, as they believe it to emerge as one of the strongest retail segments to survive the challenges of the transition in the digital economy. “We provide our expertise so that our clients can focus on growing their brand, optimizing top and bottom lines while improving customer relationship”, states Dr. Subir Saha, CEO & Co-founder, Digital Bricks.

From point of sale, Digital Bricks is becoming the technology at the crossroad of every transaction: from procurement, to inventory, to packaging, to distribution, to multi-channel sales consumption, to delivery and post-sale customer interactions. The company’s offerings are morphing from being tied to a cash register to being involved in every mobile device.

Strategies to Help Brick and Mortar Transform
Omnichannel strategies are being implemented in brick-and-mortar store environments to seamlessly synchronize multiple forms of customer experience such as online sales, smartphone connectivity, and voice connections.
Adhering to this trend, Digital Bricks delivers SaaS-based digitization solutions that are lower cost of training with possibility to create innovative points of transactions and negligible investment on hardware. While catering 24 X 7 Data Entry & Technical Support, the organization provides ability to work offline to enable a support staff to troubleshoot issues outside the network as well. More so, the organization equips brick and mortar businesses with a set of interconnected apps that addresses various aspects of business operations. The solution assists the clients to gain deeper insights via analytics to improve productivity and to track their orders and bills in real-time.

Digital Bricks's offerings are morphing from being tied to a cash register to being involved in every mobile device

The company has built a cloud based solution in order to provide real-time control and visibility across outlets, centralized warehouses and production/packaging centres. The advanced data analytics driven dashboards, make traditional periodic offline reporting redundant for most common usages. Having an in-depth understanding of chains and franchises’ specific requirements of tools and processes that work by leveraging shared resources and centralized workflows, Digital Bricks enables businesses to add a new outlet easily without incurring huge cost in terms of time and effort.

With its presence in India, the Middle East and parts of South-east Asia, the organization has planned to avail its solutions across the U.S market. Striking the balance between centralized and decentralized business models, Digital Bricks is equipped to evolve as one of the leading providers in the brick and mortar chain store space while providing platforms to chain businesses beyond F&B and retail.