Cybernet India - The Hint of Technology in Restaurant Operations

CIO Vendor Technology has impacted restaurants in more ways than one. Although points of sale systems and credit cards have long been the norm, the advent of other noteworthy advances cannot be overlooked. Headquartered in New Delhi, Cybernet India Private Limited (CIPL) is an information system consulting company. With over 30 years of experience in Retail and Hospitality industry, the company focuses to provide state-of-the-art value-added business automation solution designed to meet specific organizational requirements. While extending its online service and support, CIPL strives to deliver highly scalable application software to control day to day retail operations.

Following the evolving need to streamline processes and deliver an improved experience, many traditional ecommerce and digital wallet companies have ventured into developing point-of-sale (POS) to capture the growth in payment technologies. Unlike its peers in the market, CIPL’s retail Point of Sale system called Vision 2020 is integrated with various digital wallet companies thereby ensuring seamless payment operations. Vision 2020 caters to front office operations like order management, recipe management, sales accounting, cash management and inventory/stock management with graphical analysis MIS reports. Having an integrated SMS gateway, the solution facilitates Customer Relation Management (CRM) module to leverage customer experience.

While designing modules to keep a check on customer’s buying pattern and area wise customer preference analysis, the company brings to the table e-commerce platform integrations to reap the benefits of the online market. “By using our solution anyone can open their retail shop online and capture web-based orders which can be delivered and managed offline from back-office application with less effort and automated database synchronizations”, asserts Pradeep Jain, CEO, CIPL.
Front End and Back End Restaurant Operations
Adhering to continuous growth of restaurant technology, CIPL offers a comprehensive Restaurant Management Software system that is suitable for various sizes of restaurants from quick service to fine dining and home delivery. The application has been designed to meet requirements of clients with single outlet to multiple outlets covering separate production unit to warehouse management under same application.

CIPL’s retail Point of Sale system called Vision 2020 is integrated with various digital wallet companies thereby ensuring seamless payment operations

The company has plans underway to develop complete web-based back-end application integrated with the front office billing system with local database support. With this, CIPL intends to reduce operational cost of SMEs having multi-location operations. Billing data will be uploaded online either for every sale or on regular intervals depending on a client’s discretion; the volume of the data and internet connectivity available, this kind of a dual approach is missing in various ERP systems that instead need constant internet connectivity when using cloud-based solutions. CIPL has already designed a complete integrated system that includes front office e-billing system for retail, hospitality, trading, manufacturing industry with integrated Back office Purchase, Inventory, Stock Take, Costing, Production, Small Finance and Payroll etc.

While serving a plethora of clients ranging from restaurant, retail, mobile and electronics stores, and service industry, the organization intends to further expand its footprints across the Middle East and India. Leveraging its decades of experience in rendering POS solutions, Cybernet India aims to secure a position among the top five POS solution providers in the not so distant future.