BondPOS IT Services - Capturing Digital Sales with SaaS POS

CIO Vendor Government emphasis on creating a cashless economy has substantially increased the demand of POS. This has propelled the India POS terminals market growth encouraging organizations to equip themselves to sustain in cashless economy. The trend to deploy POS systems and peripherals in the cloud is gaining traction in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model making it easier for customers to access the latest technology and keep the systems updated. Keeping up with the tempo, Surat based POS solution provider-BondPOS offers SaaS model of POS, Thermal POS Printer, Magnetic card readers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and other accessories. BondPOS provides continuous cloud based database backup and real time cloud based reporting service through mobile apps. The company has developed POS software with separate apps for different business models based on their requirements and specifications. It has features like customer loyalty, customer online dashboard, vendor online dashboard, prepaid debit cards and other advanced features for customers. The POS controls entire business from purchase of raw material to selling the finished goods.

User-Friendly POS Framework
Overall, the retail industry is by far one of the biggest users of point of sale terminals. More point of sale monitors today employ user-friendly touch-screens along with computers that are built right into the monitor framework, which are ‘all-in-one’ units. BondPOS’s entire POS is built on tablets offering several features like cost effectiveness, compactness, and touch screen. Many advanced features like daily automatic requisition, Variance Reports, Recipe Management, Inventory Management, HRM Integration, Real time data backup on cloud server are integrated under one POS solution.
The introduction of modern-day cloud computing has triggered the potential for POS systems to be set up as a service that is directly accessed from the Web using a variety of internet browsers. Today cloud-based POS systems are completely independent from operating systems and platform limitations. BondPOS renders few key benefits of cloud-based POS system that immediately centralizes informations (important for chain retailers), less expensive startup costs, and the ability to access key data from wherever Internet connection exists.

BondPOS’s solution considers the advantages of ongoing software version updates along with being cost effective

Even though the low start-up costs are appealing to end users due to subscription fee, yet it’s not known whether or not a cloud-based POS system is actually cost efficient. Therefore, BondPOS’s solution considers the advantages of ongoing software version updates along with being cost effective. With limited space for cash counters and bulky POS systems and devices, a sale becomes quite inconvenient and error-prone. BondPOS’s solution addresses this space crunch with its complete wireless Tablet POS for retail industry where space is a big constrains.

Retail POS in Ensuing Days
After GST; India holds a huge potential to implement POS in retails. BondPOS with its solutions is capturing all the sales and tax data electronically for better optimization of workplace. The company is encompassing all the operations of retail and other fields into one unifying platform by delegating start-ups, SMEs and large businesses with an ability to enqueue end user’s needs.