Flash Storage Taking Over

Niladri Saha, General Manager, Modern Infrastructure Team, Dell EMC, India | Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 11:28 IST

Presently, India is moving aggressively in the digital growth path, to become USD 1 trillion digital economy in the next 5-7years, as per Ravi Shankar Prasad, India’s Information & Technology Minister. Explosion in data is making it imperative for businesses to change the way they manage data. India is investing heavily in digital projects and emerging technologies like Internet of things (IoT) is gaining immense popularity in Indian ecosystem, forcing businesses to modernize, transform and automate themselves to keep pace with the ongoing disruption.

The sudden deluge in data is already pushing organizations to stretch their storage limits and hence, the demand for better and agile storage systems have taken over. As per IDC, in Q1 2017, India’s external storage market witnessed a growth of 13.8 percent year on year (YoY) and stood at USD 74.6 million in Q1 2017.

Thus, to mitigate this rising need for efficient storage, All-Flash storage solutions are the preferred choice. All-Flash solutions will boost agility and optimize application performance thereby, preparing the IT infrastructures of the organizations for future. Infact, as per the study by Frost & Sullivan, half of CIOs in India are moving towards the adoption of All-Flash storage solutions as they will provide speed and agility, both of which are critical for any enterprise. These have strong implications on revenue growth and profitability.

Leveraging the Power of All Flash in its Digital Journey

Banking and financial service sector have always looked out for new ways to speed transaction processing and enhance the customer experience. Both of these efforts spell, an increasing need for high-speed data delivery. Completing more and more transactions faster, is the key to better revenue outcomes. Therefore, banks require a smart storage option that will build a critical foundational pillar of IT for digital banking and wealth management. This is where the All- Flash storage takes advantage over the legacy storage systems.

The adoption of flash technology in India is one of the hottest trends to look forward to in near future. With India’s external storage market witnessing an explosion due to new age demands from emerging technologies such as real time business analytics, augmented reality and Internet of Things(IoT), All-Flash storage is getting more prominence among the Indian organizations like never before, as per IDC.

All in all, Flash storage sees a huge potential in India market and Dell EMC is already playing a critical role in aiding enterprises achieve their IT transformation.

Flash storage industry to Sustain Cloud’s demand

In just a matter of few years, technology has not just reshaped BFSI sector but many other sectors too. The rise of Big Data has given an unprecedented insights to the organizations into customer behavior patterns. Talking about the Banking and Financial service industry, this sector thrives on information. Unfortunately, extracting any meaningful insights from the legacy database systems is often cumbersome and hindered by the amount of time it takes for the data to traverse to and from the underlying storage.

The adoption of cloud based solutions has also witnessed a strict upward trend in the last few years, and the adoption of these services by businesses small or large, will continue to increase across industries. But the need of the hour is just not storage, its efficient storage. Cloud storage run by All-Flash service is the best tool for organizations to deliver real time solutions by utilizing the power of analytics, thereby providing superior customer experiences.

Flash has been at the core of the mobility revolution. Due to the power of All-Flash storage, mobile transformation took place i.e. mobile phones transformed into sleek and powerful devices. The database of the digital customer base is ever growing and mobile payments and deposits has led to millions of transactions daily. Hence, the storage demand has and will witness an upward trend in the coming years.

Also, as India, embark on its digital journey via Digital India initiative of the Government, the storage capacities of organizations and enterprises will be stretched to their limits. Thus, the organizations will need innovative storage solutions that can provide performance, capacity and reliability.

What financial organizations need at this hour is not just storage, but the speed/agility which will in turn help them to differentiate and gain a competitive advantage. This speed/agility can only be provided by All-Flash arrays. Flash is best for high-performing financial services applications such as risk analytics, portfolio optimization, etc., and therefore it is becoming the choice for CIOs in India.

Hence, it is clear that adoption of flash across verticals including BFSI sector is on upswing and Dell EMC, with its customer centric All-Flash solutions, is moving towards becoming one of the trusted partner for organizations, that are moving along the digital transformation path.

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